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poems & stories

Pin Pricks

Pin Prick 1
By Phlip Arima

As each illusion fades
I know less than I thought
and am more than I was.

Pin Prick 11
By Phlip Arima

Abandoned trousers in the street
a young face at a window
someone waves and ancient flag
a glass of wine falls over.

A line of cars run out of gas
bets are placed on politicians
dogs are freed from a kennel.

A summer storm destroys a city
soldiers put their helmets on
debates are staged for television.

Sticks of incense near an alter
lose their scent to time.

Pin Prick 16
By Phlip Arima

Just inside your crystal ball
I take off my clothes, close
my eyes, know you wait
for me to dance.

I lift my feet, move my arms
sway to dreams you’ve not

until your breath
fogs the glass.

Pin Prick 20
By Phlip Arima

Exhaust smogs the window
a light burns out, the screen-saver
continues its silent routine.

I pick up the phone, stare at the
numbers, try to remember

There’s a wall in the next room I’ve been
meaning to paint, dishes in the kitchen
that need to be replaced.

I put the phone down, open
the window, watch a small bird
fly into traffic.

Pin Prick 29
By Phlip Arima

Snakes that constrict their prey
do not bruise or break the bones
of their victims. Organs
are not crushed. Skin
is never cut.

Constrictors simply
slowly steadily squeeze
until the trapped
cannot breathe.

Celebrity interviews
tell me everything
I need to know.

Pin Prick 36
By Phlip Arima

I step out of bed
stumble on a statistic
fall through a commercial
climb into a corn popper
wait on hold.

I eat petals from a flower
once pressed in a book
write a blog on the dirt
between my toes
become a commodity
swallow a pill
watch an ice cube melt
in an ocean.

When I go on-line
I don't know what name
to use.

Pin Prick 44
By Phlip Arima

I cannot reach the knife in my back
despite the fact the fingerprints on the hilt
are mine.

Pin Prick 51
By Phlip Arima

The tortoise was fully evolved
before mankind existed.

There are trees that have outlived

Just prior to the Second World War
we split the atom.

Pin Prick 59
By Phlip Arima

The puppet cuts its strings
spits at the audience
continues the play
exactly as written.

Pin Prick 65
By Phlip Arima

In the small bright room
we spoke of politics
and entertainment.

As we spoke
I stood and shaved
while she sat and shit.

Then we switched positions.

Pin Prick 76
By Phlip Arima

I wait for a break in the traffic
my joints grow arthritic
hair hides my face.

The chocolate I swallow
is constantly replaced.

Pin Prick 82
By Phlip Arima

The clown stares
into my eyes
he'll no longer

My laughter

It's raining black drops of perspiration from a dirty god.
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